We can scan all kinds of photographs!

We can scan all kinds of photographs!

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When you're ready, complete the order form below, and we’ll be in touch in one to two business days to start preserving your memories. If you have questions, please visit our FAQ page first or submit them in the form below.

Preparing photos to be scanned

If all you have are photographs, invest in some plastic zip-lock bags, a thin permanent marker, and a little time sorting your project. If you find it overwhelming to think about how to organize hundreds or thousands of photos, here are some ways others have organized their photos into folders:

  • Decades

  • Events

  • Places

The names you use on the zip-lock bags will be the names we use for the digital folders that hold all of the images you put in each bag. For example, If you put 44 items in a bag titled "Uncle Frank’s Farm," when you receive your project the corresponding digital folder you download will be called Uncle_Franks_Farm, and it will contain 44 images containing unique file names.

If you don’t do this bit of preparation, that’s okay. We will group photos together into generic folders and title them the best we can. It will be up to you to sort through the individual images when you receive your final project.

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Digital images will be made available to you via FREE online link for 90 days. 
Up to a 50% deposit is required for projects over $100.  
Payment in full is due before your digital files will be delivered.

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VHS Tape Transfer
Box It All!
We scan everything you have in your boxes. No need to organize or separate. We'll give you a bulk rate. Call for pricing. For a ballpark figure, add 8¢ per item to the a la Carte rate for photos.
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Project Turnaround Time Most projects are completed within four to six weeks depending on your project size and on our current workload. Often, smaller projects are done in shorter timeframes. Copyright Agreement By sending us your order you verify that you are the owner or have permission to reproduce the work. Limit of Liability We aim to provide our customers with the very best work and strive to protect your property. Submitting any object that suffers loss or damage by Vintage Photo Scan or its agents will not entitle you to any compensation or recovery, and we assume no liability. There are no refunds for work completed. Image Quality Your photos are scanned at a minimum, high-quality resolution of 600 dpi or the resolution you select in the order form. 600 dpi is useful for enlargement to 5x7 and for most purposes online. We will make a good-faith effort to resolve issues; however, there will be no refunds for images scanned or processed. We cannot guarantee the final image quality. The output is only as good as the quality of the image at the time of digitization. Your Digital Images are Yours and Yours Alone You are the owner of your images. We maintain strict control over who has access to your physical items and digital images. We will never share your images or your contact information with a third party. By typing your name here, you agree to the terms of this contract.