Pricing for Scanning Services

A la Carte

Family photos are invaluable to many people!

Family photos are invaluable to many people!

With a la Carte pricing, you choose the services you need and pay only for the number of images we convert for you. These can be all one type, such as photo scanning, or a combination of digital scanning services such as photos, slides, and VHS tape transfers.

Batch & Save Photos

The Batch & Save package saves you money when you have 800+ photos. To give you an idea if you qualify for the Batch & Save option, one inch of photos equals roughly 100 hundred photos. This discount applies only to loose photos between 3x5 and 8x10 inches that have no jagged or curled edges and no glue or tape stuck to the front or backs.

In order to qualify for the Batch & Save package, photos must be separated into like-sizes in zip-top bags. For example, you would create one bag for 3x5 photos, one for 4x6s, one for 8x10s, one for Polaroids, etc.

NOTE: If you have 800+ photos and prefer to batch them according to year or event, which combines sizes of photos, you no longer qualify for the Batch & Save discount because of the slower processing time it takes.

Every image undergoes three levels of quality control for image rotation, cropping, and minor correction. The cost is a flat $400 for every 1,000 photos. The closer you get to 1,000 photos, the more you save—up to $100 over the a la carte rate.

IMPORTANT PREP NOTE: Please separate all photos that have something stuck to them. Common things that cause photos to tear or get stuck in a machine are: glue, tape, glitter, bits of string, wood, and foam cutouts. Anything that adheres to a card or photo needs to be handled with care to protect the item, and our equipment, from damage.

Box It All!

Box it all! You can place whatever you want scanned and we do all the work!

Box it all!
You can place whatever you want scanned and we do all the work!

The Box It All! package allows you to box all of the items you want digitally scanned (not just photos) and let us do the sorting. No need to organize slides, photos, film negatives, news clippings, letters, greeting cards, journals, etc. Pull all your memorabilia out from under the bed, the closets, the attic, and the basement and hand it off to us.

This is a great option for those who have inherited homes or storage units full of slide carousels, boxes of photos, and collections of memorabilia that needs to be organized for distribution among family members. We’ll turn your disorganized box of memories into a magical digital history you can browse through on any computer, tablet, or smartphone and share with your family. Please contact us for an estimate. A ballpark way to estimate the price is to add 8¢ per item to the a la Carte rate.


Price List

a la Carte loose photos. No ragged, thick or curled edges, no glue or tape stuck to back or front (3x5 to 8x10): 50¢ ea side

Batch & Save: $350 per 1,000 photos

Photos in albums (we remove & replace): 90¢ ea

Documents (letters, journals, planner pages, etc. up to 8.5 x 11): $1.25 ea

Photos in frames: $5.00 ea

Items larger than 12 x 17: $20.00 ea

VHS tape transfer: $24.95 ea

Box It All! (You box everything you want scanned, we take care of it!): Contact us for an estimate. Ballpark cost: a la carte rate +8¢ per item

Delivery Options

USB external drive: $10

Dropbox link: Free download for 90 days