VHS Tape to Digital Format Transfer Services

We can scan your VHS tapes into digital format.

We can scan your VHS tapes into digital format.

Video tape degrades over time making your home movies increasingly unwatchable the longer you wait, losing picture quality or audio. The tapes also become brittle to the point of breaking.

We transfer your movies from standard VHS tapes to digital mp4 files that you can download and watch right away or edit into new movies on your computer and share with others. You can receive the file from a secure and free downloadable link or ask us for a USB drive. Click here to view the order and pricing form.

If, during the process of digital conversion, your tape breaks, we will ask you if you’d like us to send it to our colleague across the state who can repair it. The cost for this repair and tracked shipping is an additional $35 per tape. 

If you have old VHS movies, I highly recommend hiring Vintage Photo Scan to bring them back to life. Thanks so much, Sam!
— Elizabeth H., Hendersonville NC