FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How can I estimate the number of photos I have?
A one-inch stack equals approximately 100 paper photos.

What file type do you scan to?
Our standard is to scan to JPEG (.jpg) image files which is beneficial for use on the web, sending through email, and enlarging to 5x7 prints.

Can I get TIFF images instead of JPEG?
Yes, for an additional charge, we can save your files as TIFF images. TIFF images are known as lossless files which can be edited many times without loss in quality or degradation. They are also 4x larger (or more) than the size of a JPEG. JPEG image files are most commonly used for making photos and photo gifts. JPEG files are cheaper and easier to store and work with for most families. Some software packages do not support the use of TIFFs.

What resolution do you scan to?
We scan to 600 dpi as our baseline standard.

Can you scan a photo that is stuck in an album or a frame?  
Yes. Leave it in the frame, wrap it carefully, and bring it or ship it to us. We will discover the best way to scan the photo with no glare from the glass.

Can you scan the back of my photo? 
Yes. The cost is the same as scanning the front of the photo.

When and how do I make payments? 
We require no deposit for projects under $100. For projects over $100, we require up to a 50% deposit. For very large projects, the deposit may be adjusted or worked into monthly payments. You can pay with a personal check or with a credit card. We invoice through PayPal.

Do you return my original items?
We return your personal items unless you sign-off that you wish for us to dispose of them on your behalf.

Who owns my digital images?
You own your digital images. When you sign our Agreement, you are accepting legal responsibility that all items you give us are your property or that you have permission from the owner to digitally scan them.

How long do you archive my images?
We maintain an archive of your images for five years.

Do you offer discounts?
The Batch & Save photo package offers a substantial discount. Once you have more than 800 photos, you will save using the Batch & Save option over the a la Carte loose photos option on our order form. Other discounts will be considered on a case by case basis for large projects. Please contact us, we’re happy to help!

How do I get my project to you?
We are located at 118 5th Ave. W., Hendersonville, NC 28792. If you are outside the city limits and would like us to pick up your project, we charge a $30 fee per trip up to 30 miles from downtown Hendersonville. If you find it more convenient to ship to us, please send us an email letting us know you are shipping us a package.

Please use a USPS Priority box with a tracking number and ship to:

Vintage Photo Scan
118 5th Ave. W.
Hendersonville, NC 28792

Do you offer international shipping?
Yes. We trust DHL and FedEx.

How do you organize my images?
We prefer that you organize your items in boxes or zip-lock bags that are labeled according to how you wish us to group your items. We’ll scan them as you provide them to us. If you choose not to do so, that’s perfectly fine, we will provide some level of organization as we sort your items and let you do the rest as you reminisce at home.

Can I provide my own hard drive or USB flash drive to copy final images to?
No. We provide you with tested drives to prevent the accidental spread of computer viruses.

Can you scan journal pages, letters, or planner pages?
Yes we can.

Can you scan fragile or torn photos or old documents?
Yes, we handle your fragile items with the greatest of care on a flatbed scanner. These are billed at a higher rate due to the time and care of handling and organizing.

Can you scan tintypes, daguerrotypes, cabinet cards, ambrotypes, and Carte de visites?
Yes. We choose the method that best preserves the original photo. Photo restoration services are available on these and any other digital scans we produce at an additional cost of $40 each.

Can you scan greeting cards that have things attached to them?
Yes. These must be scanned on the flatbed scanner.

Can you restore old photos?
Yes. The cost is $40 per image to return your faded, scratched, stained, torn, or creased photos to their original luster.

Can you do a rush order?
We can often meet the request of a rush order. The upcharge for a rush order is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the size, type, and deadline request for the project.

Why was part or all of my VHS tape not transferred?

  • We discovered illegal or obscene material and cannot process it.

  • We discovered copyrighted material that we have not received written permission to transfer.

  • The quality of the tape was so poor that we could not transfer it.

How long are my images available for free download online?
Your images are available for free download for 90 days, after which they are moved to long-term archive for five years. Once your project is archived, we charge a $50 fee to retrieve your images for you.