Photo Scanning Services

Loose, Paper Photos

Loose black and white photos are very common and need to be preserved.

Loose black and white photos are very common and need to be preserved.

We understand that many of your photos are old, fragile, or perhaps already damaged. We handle each one with care. We accept photos of any size, age, or condition. We are often the last hope of preservation before a cherished memory is lost.

The most common size photos are 3x5 and 4x6 inches, though we see vintage or school photos as small as 1x1.

Vintage Photo Types

In the 1940s, many photos were glued to black paper backing and stored in albums. In the 1970s, some photos were attached to cardboard backing.

From the 1960s to the ‘80s, many photos were put into albums and held in place with strips of wax. Other albums used a plastic sheeting that often stuck to the front of photos. Then there are Polaroid instant photos which are thicker than paper photos.

We can handle all of these types of printed photos and more, including tintypes, cabinet cards, and photos stuck to glass, whether in the frames or not.

We ensure every image is rotated and enhanced to reflect the original image as closely as possible. Remember that the final digital image is only as clear and clean as the item you wish us to scan.

We also handle full, photo restoration. Give us your stained, torn, creased, scratched, and molded slides and photos and we will restore it to its original state. This intensive process is an additional $40 per image.

If you have organized your photos prior to sending them to us, they will be returned to you in the same order. Your digital images will be organized into folders named according to the file names you provide to us. Otherwise, we will create an organizational structure that makes sense to us. Either way, each image will be assigned a unique name within each folder that you can change when you review your images at home.


Many photos have rounded edges or white borders. If you would like us to remove or “crop” those edges from your photos, we’re happy to. It creates a nice clean edge so you can share photos that are ready to use in your projects right away. The additional cost is 50¢ per photo.

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Photo Albums

There are two ways to handle photos in albums:

1. It is more affordable for you to remove the photos, where possible without damaging the photo, and file them for scanning together.

2. For a slightly higher price, you can leave the photos in the album pages and allow us to remove, scan, and replace each photo as we work our way through the album. If photos are taped or glued to the album pages, we will scan each photo directly from the page, including any written notes associated with the photo. If several photos are stuck to the page, we will digitize the entire page to preserve the layout, up to 12 x 17.

We can help save old photos forever

We can help save old photos forever

Photos in Frames

Sometimes photos adhere to the glass in a frame. Instead of trying to remove it and risk damaging the photo, just send it to us in the frame. We’ll digitize the photo while it’s under the glass, carefully avoiding glare.

Photos on Scrapbook Pages

Some photos have been taped or glued to cardboard backing, posterboard, or a scrapbook page. We can digitally scan an individual photo or scan a whole board or page, depending on size.